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One is the loneliest number that there ever was. Great song, but we need to be fair and say that’s not necessarily true. Working out alone can be peaceful and serene and — if you have the discipline to stick with a routine — beneficial to your health. On the other hand, we can see real results through group exercise. Working out with a friend or with a group has proven to help those looking to be healthier achieve better health results, as reported by NBC’s Brianna Steinhilber.

The Benefit of Group Exercise

The physical benefits of group exercise compared to solo exercise don’t differ that significantly, except for maybe in one key area. Loneliness. Like we stated at the top, working out alone is perfectly fine and is an absolutely preferred method for some; but, for others trying to try branch out and exercise, perhaps for the first time, it can be intimidating to go it alone.

Group exercise, or simply working out with a friend, can offer several key benefits, including:


Anxiety can eat away at our motivation. Especially if we’re not that familiar with exercise in general, it can be hard to push oneself to keep going. A friend or like-minded group can offer the encouraging words we need to keep going. Whether its exercise, or sticking to a diet, there is comfort in numbers.


No two people workout exactly the same way. We all have our favored machine or workout routine, but with group exercise, we can open ourselves up to try things a little differently. We can swap exercise tips and tricks, and get some insights from a different perspective. Our bodies can get use to our workouts, so if we switch it up once and awhile, we are more likely to see better fitness results.


This goes back to the discipline we mentioned above. The most important element to our healthy success is consistency. Unfortunately, that’s also the hardest part too. Group exercise offers an accountability buddy, someone who relies on you showing up to the gym. Having an accountability buddy helps us make it to those gym classes more often, and ultimately, help us succeed in the long run.

Group Exercises

The best way to get into group exercise is to be open to try new things. Group classes, like yoga or swimming are excellent ways to meet new people on a similar health journey to you. Classes range in intensity so seniors don’t have to worry about finding the perfect class that fits their fitness level.

Exercise should be fun, and it can be even more enjoyable with a friend. Find a group that can help you on your fitness journey and see those results you’ve always wanted to see.

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