The Unsweet Truth

Month April 2023

3 Myths About Weight Training for Seniors

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Weight training is one of the most popular forms of exercise out there. But there are a lot of misconceptions about this type of activity. Since many people want to try it, especially seniors, it helps to get the facts… Continue Reading →

How to Cut Out Sugar (and Why You Should)

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What happens to your body when you cut out sugar? For those with a sweet tooth, they may worry the trade-off won’t be worth it. But before you make that call, consider what the experts say. Since sugar carries so… Continue Reading →

3 Simple Diet and Exercise Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

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If you want to maintain a healthier lifestyle, there are many ways to go about it. Often, it’s the small and consistent improvements we make that bring the biggest results. Here are a few ways you can eat, exercise, and… Continue Reading →

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