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Retirement is expensive, and inflation, high interest, and a potential 2022 recession doesn’t make it any easier. Retired seniors are pulled in multiple directions financially, trying to pay for the essentials and the fun aspects of retirement. We might not realize it, but it’s incredibly easy to let good health go by the wayside when we’re prioritizing our savings. Gym memberships are a luxury we can’t afford, and a drive-through burger is going to be cheaper than a bundle of organic groceries. Luckily, Healthline offers some insight now how seniors can stay healthy while on a budget.

Staying Healthy on a Budget

Budgeting is hard and can take practice. Being healthy is just as hard, so don’t beat yourself up if your diet and exercise lapse while you figure out your finances. Good health and budgeting finances both require planning, dedication, and a willingness to try. Healthline outlines these tips to stay healthy on a budget:

Meal Prep

Plan your meals ahead of time, so you have healthy foods at the ready and have a specific shopping list you can build a budget around. Coupons and deals can help seniors save money and ensure that they can be eating healthy meals regularly to maintain a healthy metabolism. Cooking larger portions at once can help seniors’ meal prep and enjoy delicious leftovers throughout the week. Everyone knows that cauliflower pizza tastes better the next day.

Learn how to Shop

Groceries are one of the largest essential costs we all share. Seniors need certain foods to maintain a healthy diet, like meat for example, which can be expensive. Look for protein alternatives to meat, or different cuts of meat that have the same nutritional value at a lower cost. This is also where you can avoid processed foods, which are high in sugar and expensive (especially if it’s a name brand).

Expand Your Diet

Cooking is a great way to save money and stay healthy. There are so many recipes out there that offer incredible nutritional value and flavor. Cooking can be time consuming and stressful, especially for those that are not as experienced. Start small, pick some recipes ahead of time so you can plan your shopping, and give it a try. You’d be amazed at the health results and the savings.

Staying healthy on a budget is possible. As our economy continues to battle inflation, seniors need to focus on protecting their finances. Luckily, that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our health in the process.

For more tips and tricks on how to avoid sugar, better your health, and enjoy retirement, follow the Council for Retirement Security.