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Dieting is hard, and not always a lot of fun. Dieting has been made needlessly complicated, but it doesn’t have to be a puzzle. Professional bodybuilders, athletes, and actors have mastered their complex diets, but their methods are surprisingly easy to replicate at your own pace. Thermogenesis is one method of dieting that can help professionals and beginners alike.


Simply put, thermogenesis is the metabolic process of turning the food we eat into body heat. It’s where the term “burning calories,” comes from; your body is actively converting your food into energy and that energy turns into heat. The more heat we produce, the more calories we burn, which over time leads to minor or significant loss of fat.

It’s a slow burn and takes consistency to see results. It helps to think of our bodies as literal ovens. If the temperature on an oven is too high, you’ll burn everything to a crisp, and if it’s too low your lasagna will take hours to cook.

How to Light the Fire

So far, thermogenesis sounds a little intimidating, but it’s not so scary. Thermogenetic diets focus on three categories: protein, carbs, and fats. Generally, senior diets need improvement. Most diets will say to stay away from meat as much as possible. Alternatively, thermogenetic diets prioritize lean proteins, i.e., chicken, fish, and turkey.

As for carbs, you can get them from vegetables and fruits. Healthy fats can come from legumes, seeds, and minimal amounts of diary. Avoid sugar and heavy proteins like pork.

For real results, thermogenesis requires that you eat… a lot. Fasting or eating too little is dangerous. When you starve yourself, your body clings to fat cells to maintain energy. Our bodies require consistent fueling for proper, safe fat loss. Eating small, clean meals between four and six times a day will up your body heat and help your metabolism burn calories consistently.

So eating healthy, and eating a lot are the keys to literally burning the fat away!

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