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When it comes to our health, our diets play a critical role in our body’s development and reshaping. Last time, we talked about a very specific type of dieting technique called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is when our body converts the food we eat into energy, raising our body heat, and quite literally burns calories and fat. Today, let’s look at a specific type of thermogenesis that anyone can use to their advantage. Whether you’re a body builder or a retiree looking to shed some pounds, heat is NEAT.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) is our body’s natural method of converting food into body heat while relaxed. Human beings are fidgety. We like to move, whether it be simple stretching, walking up the stairs, or scratching an itch, these natural movements burn energy. Even our organs burn energy just be doing their jobs; an active heartbeat is better than no heartbeat.

NEAT is the idea that you can burn more calories throughout your day while going about your business, in addition to what you burn while consciously exercising. The main difference between NEAT and active exercise is that you do perform NEAT subconsciously.

NEAT Benefits

The benefits of NEAT are easy enough to see. You burn fat and calories without having to think about it. Naturally, this only works best if your diet is clean, and your lifestyle is generally healthy and balanced. Being at rest for too long is dangerous for your health, increasing poor blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, and risk of obesity and heart disease. NEAT can help you prevent all these things when you’re not exercising, so when you do exercise, it’s even more effective.

Raising the Heat, Upping the NEAT

NEAT doesn’t count for times you’re fully at rest, for example, when you’re asleep. However, it is effective every other time you move. The easiest way to improve NEAT are to simply move more. People like to fidget, so fidget as much as possible without looking crazy.

Active rest, which are easy and relaxed movements can help you burn calories and help your body recover from soreness faster. Simple changes incorporated in your day can make all the difference, for example:

  • Stand when you usually sit
  • Use the Stairs instead
  • Lightly stretch at regular intervals through the day

A thermogenetic diet will have you eating more — between five and seven times a day. Along with active exercise, your body temp will rise and burn more calories. You can’t always be working out, but with NEAT, you can pad your physical health between the workouts and meals, for better fitness overall.

Your Health is Yours to Own

The Council for Retirement Security wants every senior to know that they are capable of good health. By incorporating more movement, at any intensity, seniors can achieve a higher level of fitness. Make sure to follow the Council for more on thermogenesis and good health in retirement.