The Unsweet Truth

Month October 2021

Is Your Metabolism Older than You?

Your metabolism can age faster than you. A younger or older metabolism can affect you health . Do you know how old your metabolism is?

Changing How We Produce Sugar: Saving Lives in the Process

Sugar Intake in our diets is at a dangerous level. By changing how we produce sugar we can better health and reduce our costs with simple policy

Can a Sugarless Holiday Still Be Sweet?

Sugar is a staple of the holiday season, but it can have dangerous health effects if we let it. Is a sugarless holiday just as sweet?

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Council for Retirement Security‘s new blog! Here we will take a look at sugar’s impact on our lives – especially the lives of our senior citizens. What are the health effects of sugar? How does it affect our… Continue Reading →

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