If you want a summer that’s more soothing than sweltering, it’s important to prepare.

This goes beyond making sure your AC is working well and scheduling the occasional day by the pool. It also helps to adjust your diet properly.

Drinking plenty of water is important for regulating body temperature. But it also comes down to what you eat. While some would assume cold treats like desserts are the solution, it’s actually best to avoid these. In some cases they can raise your body temperature, and cause other health issues.

Instead, you can eat healthier foods to keep yourself cool. Leafy greens, buttermilk, mango, melons, cucumber, fish, lemon, curd and yogurt, avocado, coconut, mint, and chamomile are all good choices.

There are many other choices, but you’ll notice a trend here. These foods are all high in water content, even the fish, which is a lean protein. Unlike fatty foods and red meats, these are easier to digest, so your body temperature doesn’t rise too high.

When we think about foods to eat to keep cool, some seem like bad ideas. Take spicy peppers and curry. These are to be avoided, right? Maybe not. For some people, the heat in these foods naturally causes sweating, which triggers the body’s cooling mechanisms.

So think fruits and lean meats first, a hint of spice if you like, and light on the sugar. That’s a diet that’s cool in every sense of the term.

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