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Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Reduce Sugar Intake? Use These Tips!

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The new year is a time to pursue worthwhile goals for personal improvement. We’ve got one to suggest – how about the commitment to reduce sugar intake? This concept is a popular nutritional foundation for many diets and health perspectives…. Continue Reading →

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Sugar During Fall Feasts

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Avoiding sugar during fall feasts is a wise choice for both your health and your enjoyment of the season. Fall celebrations often feature an array of tempting sweet treats, but excessive sugar consumption can lead to weight gain, energy crashes,… Continue Reading →

Sugar Detox: 7 Days to a Healthier You

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If you want to achieve sweet freedom from sugar, it may be time for a sugar detox. Some people find this substance so incredibly alluring, they end up having it every day. In this regard, kicking the habit can seem… Continue Reading →

Foods to Eat to Keep Cool This Summer

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If you want a summer that’s more soothing than sweltering, it’s important to prepare. This goes beyond making sure your AC is working well and scheduling the occasional day by the pool. It also helps to adjust your diet properly…. Continue Reading →

How to Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day with Sugar-Free Recipes

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July 9 is National Sugar Cookie Day, and this is a delicious occasion for millions. Of course for those of us who can’t have sugar or try to stay away from it, it’s easy to feel left out. It’s almost… Continue Reading →

Celebrate a Delicious and Sugar-Free National Chocolate Chip Day

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May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day, and it’s a time dedicated to a delightful dessert topping. For those of us who avoid sugar, it may seem at first like we’re left out of the fun. But never fear. Thanks… Continue Reading →

Sugar-Free Snacks, Drinks, and More

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In the mood for sugar-free snacks and treats? We’ve got you covered. Whether you can’t have sugar or you’re just trying to cut back on it, you’re in luck. There are plenty of healthy choices you can consider. Dwell By… Continue Reading →

Celebrate National Cocoa Day with This Delicious Sugar-Free Flavor

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December 13th is National Cocoa Day, and that’s a holiday we’ll definitely drink to. The only problem with drinks like this is they’re (typically) packed with sugar. As we know, sugar is something that’s best to avoid for the most… Continue Reading →

The Sweet Choice: The Top Desserts in America

Let’s take a look at the 100 rankings of the top desserts across America, and how we can enjoy them without putting our health on the line

Sweet or Salty: Which is Worse?

Sweet or salty, the age ole question. Salt and sugar have similar effects on our health, but is one better than the other?

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