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Why is that when you eat something wonderfully sweet and delicious you also feel thirsty? Simple, because there is no better combination on this green earth than milk and cookies. That’s just science. Looking past that dessert dream team however, we still feel a powerful thirst whenever sugar is involved. The reason for that is indeed scientific, as Medical News Today points out, and has to do with sugar’s internal relationship with water and dehydration.  

Sugar and Dehydration

Sugar and dehydration have an interesting cause and effect. This stems from sugar’s powerful effect on our blood sugar. Heightened levels of sugar in the blood can draw water from other areas of the body, even out of our cells, towards our bloodstream. Our bodies do this to negate the sugar and dissolve it faster.

This process negatively effects our cellular hydration. Cellular hydration is simply getting enough water to our cells and is incredibly important to maintaining our internal health. Cells that are well hydrated can use the hydrogen molecules found in water, or “H2O,” and use it to create the necessary energy to function. Pulling water elsewhere can increase inflammation and lead to severe dehydration.

Stay Thirsty

Too much dehydration can be considerably dangerous, and the combination of sugar and dehydration even more so. How do we solve dehydration? The answer may be simple — by drinking something. But we need to be careful what we drink. Sugar beverages can satisfy that initial thirst but can ultimately lead to further dehydration. Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages are known to have a similar effect as well.

The best solution is to drink pure water while avoiding overly processed foods and drinks as much as possible. It may be obvious to some, but simple water can help us in so many ways, most of which is by keeping us hydrated, maintaining a normal level of blood sugar, and bursting with naturally produced energy. While cookies and milk may still be the best dessert combination of all time, cookies and water may offer us more in the ways of a balanced blood sugar.

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