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Oral Health: The Battle Between Sugar and Our Smile

Oral Health is incredible important no matter what age you are, and protecting it can be fun if you know how.

The Truth Behind the Nutrition Label

The FDA’s Nutrition Label is always updating with the latest research and basic requirements to help us make a healthy choice.

The Relationship between Sugar and Dehydration

Sugar and Dehydration make for a dangerous combination, where one affects the other in a negative cycle that can affect our very cells.

Why Do We Eat When We’re Bored?

Why Do We Eat When We’re Bored? Simple, because it makes us happy. But what does that do to our overall health?

How to Stop Sugar Cravings in Their Tracks

It is possible to fight off sugar cravings by making simple changes. Cravings are okay, but to better our health we need to be in control.

Healthier Blood Pressure: What We Need to Know

Healthier blood pressure is essential for our retirement health. But what is blood pressure and how can we manage it better?

Brown and White Sugar

What’s the actual difference between brown and white sugar? Are they difference at all? Check out this post to learn the truth.

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