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It’s summertime! After a long, dark winter, that had pretty much merged with spring, the sun is out, and seniors are active. There’s so much to enjoy about the summer, the warm weather, the vacations, the time spent with loved ones, the list goes on. For seniors, the summer is the best time of the year. The only thing to watch out for are those summer “diets.” Summers are filled with barbeques in the backyard, vacations with exotic foods, and bonfires where the smores flow like water. For seniors looking to enjoy their summer, guilty pleasures included, offers some fun and exciting summers workouts perfect for any age.  

Summer Workouts

Health and fitness are a lifestyle. So, no matter the season, we need to make sure our health is the priority. Summer is tricky, more opportunities for travel or fun can make it easier to let our food guard down. And the heat makes it hard to get motivated to exercise. But luckily, summer workouts are here to help.

The best summer workouts for seniors help promote an active lifestyle, socialization, and most importantly, some fun:

Swimming and Water Sports

It’s pretty hot this time of year. Swimming and other water sports, like paddleboarding or water-aerobics, can be an excellent way to beat the heat and get a full body workout at the same time. Whether by the pool or on the beach, seniors should be enjoying the water.

Nature Walks

Hiking, or taking a brisk walk, can provide seniors with a low impact workout that can boost mental health and burn calories.

Getting the League Back Together

Getting healthy is always easier if you have a support system. Team sports are a fun way to build bonds and build muscle. Low impact sports like bowling, or more intense sports like baseball, all count as exercise.

Summer Nutrition

The other half to staying fit in the summer is to eat well. The say summer bodies are made in the winter, but it also helps to make sure we keep the progress we made in the summer months as well. The key to success here is to find a balance. Balancing out your nutrition with an equal ratio of health to non-healthy options will help you enjoy will maintaining some proper habits.

Let’s face it, no one wants to think about a diet on vacation, but if you are traveling, learning about the local cuisine and the healthier options can help you in the long run. Find a balance, and if you forgo the diet one day, just make sure to try again the next.

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