Of all the great types of exercise out there, few are as popular as weightlifting.

We’ve covered this topic before, but now we’re making full workout routines that seniors and older adults can use to build strength.

Here we’ll be discussing the pull day workout — a routine designed around biceps, forearms, and back. Now you can hit all these important and popular muscle groups in a single, convenient program. Go over this guide with your trainer to build the ideal workout routine for your needs.

Pull Day Workout Guide for Strength and Muscle Building

Pull day is a perfect time to build strong arms and that highly valuable back strength for better mobility and balance. These exercises are easy to do, and you can find the gear you need for them at nearly any fitness center.

We’ll start with biceps curls. You can use a dumbbell or barbells, whichever you prefer. If you keep your arms narrower than shoulder-width or move them across your body, you’ll be working on the peaks of your biceps. Widening your grip beyond shoulder-width will work on the roundness of your biceps.

Your forearms will get a good workout during standard biceps curls. However, you can give them some added stimulation by curling weights at your wrist. You could also do farmer’s carries which work your forearm as well as most other major muscles.

Now onto the back. Lat pull downs are a popular option. They could be thought of as a seated pull-up, or a pull-up for those who prefer a safer and less-intense motion. As explained here, the close-grip palms-up pulldown is another variation to consider. This version is not only a phenomenal biceps exercise, but also works nearly the entire back.

The only muscles you may want to give some extra attention to are your traps. Commonly confused with shoulder muscles, they’re the muscles that stick up on either side of your neck. Grab some weights and perform shrugging motions with them to target these areas.

You won’t be shrugging when it comes to your results — complete this program regularly, and you’ll be certain to see muscle growth and stimulation. Bookmark our blog page for more wellness tips covering exercise, diet, and general health tips.