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Use This Trick to Hide ‘Love Handles’ and Build a V-Shaped Figure

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Especially as we get older, it’s common for our bodies to store more fat. This is especially common for belly fat, resulting in the dreaded “love handles.” This problem can leave you looking more rotund than you’d like. But for… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate ‘Push Day’ Workout for Seniors

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As we’ve discussed here previously, weightlifting is a great exercise for seniors. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go hard to make it worthwhile. Lifting at your own pace can deliver the desired results, so long as your… Continue Reading →

3 Benefits of Cardio (Beyond Burning Calories)

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There are many benefits of cardio. Whether you’re walking, running, or doing other types of cardio workouts, they can serve your body well. You likely know about the benefits this exercise has on calorie burning. Sure, it can help you… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate ‘Pull Day’ Workout for Seniors

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Of all the great types of exercise out there, few are as popular as weightlifting. We’ve covered this topic before, but now we’re making full workout routines that seniors and older adults can use to build strength. Here we’ll be… Continue Reading →

New Study Highlights the Benefits of Mild Exercise for Seniors

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Here at the Council for Retirement Security, we’re all about promoting a healthy lifestyle. Seniors especially should be focused on maintaining their health. We’ve previously discussed some of the many myths about exercise — one of which being that you… Continue Reading →

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