Especially as we get older, it’s common for our bodies to store more fat. This is especially common for belly fat, resulting in the dreaded “love handles.”

This problem can leave you looking more rotund than you’d like. But for those of us who can’t shed these extra pounds around the midsection, there is a unique trick to hide the handles.

The trick is to accentuate the other muscles in your upper body, so they stick out as far as, or further, than your midsection. The result is a V-shape figure, which looks more youthful, athletic, and desirable.

So how can you do this? Two key exercises will help you. Lat pulldowns will create a wider back, especially up top. Side raises will create wider shoulders, targeting the lateral delts so you look and feel stronger as well as fitter.

It should be mentioned that a good diet is crucial when you’re doing any type of exercise program, or just for good health in general. A caloric deficit mixed with low fat and high protein choices will help you shed fat. And while there’s no guarantee that your body will ditch its love handles quickly, you’ll always be healthier by eating right and exercising.

But with this approach, you’ll be able to look better and feel better even if you’ve got some problem areas on your body. Remember, you look great, and you deserve to feel great! For more health and wellness content, bookmark the Council for Retirement Security today.