As we’ve discussed here previously, weightlifting is a great exercise for seniors.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go hard to make it worthwhile. Lifting at your own pace can deliver the desired results, so long as your program is built properly.

Today we’ll be breaking down one half of one of the most popular gym splits in history. The push day workout targets chest, triceps, and shoulders. Here’s how you can hit these muscles effectively with just a few simple exercises.

Push Day Workout Guide for Seniors and Older Adults

These exercises were selected based on both their ability to hit essential muscles and their ease of use. They’re simple to perform, and you’ll find the equipment you need for them at most any gym.

Let’s start with chest. There’s arguably no better exercise than the classic bench press. It hits the chest as well as the front part of the shoulders. If you want to add an additional chest exercise to the mix to target the inner area, consider flys with dumbbells or on a machine.

If you want to target your shoulders a little more, up the angle and try an overhead press. To build that wide look that so many people seek, try side dumbbell raises. Just remember to keep your thumb higher than your pinky as you raise and lower the weights.

We wrap up with triceps. Any press will bring these muscles into the mix. But if you want a targeted exercise to really do the trick, triceps dips are your best bet.

If you can push through this push day workout, you’ll be on the road to higher strength and muscle growth. Go over this guide with your trainer to build the perfect program — and for more wellness content, follow the Council for Retirement Security’s blog page.