Here at the Council for Retirement Security, we’re all about promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Seniors especially should be focused on maintaining their health. We’ve previously discussed some of the many myths about exercise — one of which being that you have to go hard to see results.

Some people still believe in the more-is-better approach. But a new study challenges this idea. This study reveals some surprising data about mild exercise. Especially in seniors, it’s shown that mild exercise can be more effective than heavier routines. And the benefits don’t just end with the body.

Your mind will also benefit from physical exercise. As we’ve covered, there’s a clear connection between mind and body. Strengthening one can benefit the other, resulting in a more holistic level of wellness.

A few relaxing exercise sessions a week could change your life. Imagine a relaxing indoor bike ride or a slow-paced walk. Think about a gentle yoga session or some light weight lifting. You don’t need to go heavy, you just need to be consistent with your mild routine.

Does this make you want to work out more? Does it change your perception of mild exercise for seniors? We provide regular insights into exercise, healthy diet tips, and more.

A healthy life is a happy life — and we hope you’ll make us a part of yours by bookmarking our page.