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Why Reading is One of the Best Hobbies for Seniors

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Of all the healthy hobbies for seniors, reading could be the most underrated. Mental health is a massive part of overall wellness. When you take time to dive deep into a book weekly or even daily, you’re unlocking some serious… Continue Reading →

Senior Self-Care Tips for a Healthier Life

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Life changes as we get older — and this makes senior self-care a very important matter. Many older adults focus their energy in various areas. They care for multiple generations of family, and work one or multiple jobs. But as… Continue Reading →

How to Design a Healthy Diet as a Senior

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Especially for seniors, having a healthy diet is extremely important. As we age, our bodies change. It doesn’t mean we can’t be healthy and vibrant. It simply means we need to pay closer attention to our nutritional choices. As discussed… Continue Reading →

3 Factors for Longer Healthy Living

Longer Healthy Living is possible for every senior by making some small lifestyle adjustments and prioritizing these three factors.

Stress and Anxiety Love the Taste of Sugar

Stress and anxiety, somethings that feel so sour, sure love the taste of something sweet. Sugar can make these go overboard, learn how here.

Sugar on the Brain

Sugar is almost as addictive as any drug. It effects our brains in ways we don’t realize. Do you know how you brain works on sugar?

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