Of all the healthy hobbies for seniors, reading could be the most underrated.

Mental health is a massive part of overall wellness. When you take time to dive deep into a book weekly or even daily, you’re unlocking some serious benefits.

Reading has been proven to sharpen the mind, improve memory, and strengthen decision-making skills. But the perks don’t just stop there.

Some seniors find their mind is too sharp as they age — to the point they end up worrying and keeping themselves awake. Daily reading time can also reduce anxiety, treat depression, and even help you to sleep better at night.

Brain function is vital for a healthy retirement, but the gifts reading gives us don’t just come from cognitive improvements. You can also learn valuable skills.

Since this is a fine time to pick up a new hobby, reading up on guides from the experts can have you mastering a new trade or crafting style quickly. Not only is reading one of the best hobbies, but it’s also one that can help you pick up many others.

It just goes to show, the gift of knowledge gives graciously.

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