It was Mark Twain who said, “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

Especially when it comes to our health, it’s easy to delay picking up good habits. Once retirement rolls around, it’s common for seniors to have a revelation about their health. As they ease into their older age, they want to ease into a healthier lifestyle.

“Easing in,” is the operative phrase here. Especially with new habits, it’s important to take them slowly. This will make the process easier, and in some cases, it can even make it more enjoyable.

For example, just 30 minutes of exercise daily for 5 days a week can be plenty. Starting slow and going light with your workouts is also perfectly fine — it’s best to consult with your trainer or doctor to find out the ideal workout type, length, and frequency for you.

There’s also a benefit to making a gradual increase in the good habits you’re already doing. For example, drinking more water and getting more sleep are both highly valuable the older you get. The same is true for social interaction, which itself can also be used as a form of exercise.

The final tip involves how to change your diet. You can slowly push out bad foods by replacing them with good ones. Let’s take sugar for example. Simple diet swaps like flavored water over soda, or fruits instead of dessert can help you ease into healthier habits and still eat well.

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