When it comes to senior health tips, it’s best to go by the numbers.

While there are plenty of fad diets and supposed miracle products out there, most of them are more show than substance. So what’s the real way to stay fit as a senior?

A scientific and fact-based approach is best. Today we’ll discuss three crucial numbers that play a role in keeping you healthy, energetic, and happy. Be sure to review this list with your doctor, nutritionist, or trainer to tailor your fitness approach properly.

Lose Weight, Build Muscle, and Maintain Energy

One of the most common senior health questions out there involves how to lose weight. The answer boils down to calories in vs. calories out. Simply burn more than you consume and you’ll drop pounds.

This helpful calculator shows you roughly how many calories you burn daily. Stay at this number to maintain your weight, or undercut it to lose weight. Make sure you get your calories from nutritious sources so you can have energy for exercise. Speaking of which…

Many people wonder about how to build muscle when they’re older. It’s not about struggling to hoist the maximum amount of weight you can. The exact number you should aim to lift is the amount you can lift and control with proper form — this means being able to lift it without shaking, and halting the weight safely at any point during the ascent or descent.

All that lifting will have you needing to recover. Our last number of importance is the amount of sleep you require. For older individuals, this can be between 7 and 9 hours.

Calories in meals, weight in the gym, and sleep each night — count carefully here, and you will be healthier in no time. Want more senior health and wellness tips? Then follow our blog for weekly posts.