When we talk about physical and mental health, we’re talking about two topics — or are we?

It’s true that there are different techniques for each of these aims. But there’s something that is often neglected in these conversations.

The mind and body are one. Because of this, how we treat one will impact the other. This can diminish our health in some cases. But in others, we can use our mental state to empower our physical being and vice versa.

How Physical and Mental Health are Linked — and How to Take Advantage

Since nothing precedes the mind, let’s start with it. Issues like stress, anxiety, and even depression are sometimes unavoidable to a degree. But it’s important to know how to control them.

These mental health issues can cause our bodies to deteriorate. But consequently, when we take better care of our bodies, we nurture the mind. It’s been proven that physical activity, sunshine, and a healthy diet can boost mental health.

Speaking of exercise, it’s crucial to realize just how important the mind is in the gym. Not only does concentration help with proper form, which reduces injury risks, but it has another benefit. Some studies show that focusing on the muscle you’re working on can help it to grow. This is known as the mind-muscle connection.

This technique is so impactful that it’s also used in physical therapy when people have suffered brain injuries that impact their mobility. It essentially teaches them to help the brain and body work together again.

There’s one more technique that’s helpful for this — meditation. How many times are we walking down the street or working out in the gym, but our mind is in a conversation, a past event, or an imagined future? Being present in the moment nurtures your physical and mental health.

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