Like food itself, healthy diets come in many forms.

Here at the Council for Retirement Security, we’ve covered a number of dietary plans that seniors can try out with the oversight of their doctor or nutritionist.

Today we want to make a compilation covering some of the top diets we’ve posted. Each one offers its own distinct health benefits, so you can find something that suits your tastes and your needs.

Let’s start with anti-inflammatory foods. This healthy diet can help you handle this common health problem. The result could be more comfort, better immune health, and higher energy.

Of course the benefits of healthy eating go beyond your physical body — your mind can also feel the perks. With this type of diet, you can eat your way to a greater sense of happiness, no sugar required.

The right diet can even control your body temperature, helping you stay cool. This is especially helpful in summer, but can be beneficial at other times as well. What’s better, cool desserts or spices? The answer might surprise you.

Speaking of healthy diets for the season, we’ve also covered some food choices to help fend off allergies.

For more diet ideas to pursue specific health goals and overall wellness, bookmark our blog.