One of the most common health goals for individuals today is to reduce inflammation.

This characteristic is the body’s response to an irritant or foreign agent. Some food choices, injuries, or diseases can cause inflammation. Essentially, your body is sending cells to fight this problem. Symptoms can include stiffness, soreness, fatigue, and more.

Luckily, the right diet can help reduce these symptoms. Through the creation and support of antioxidants, the body can fight off free radicals and reduce the damage of an inflammatory state.

The first step is knowing what not to eat. Refined carbohydrates, red meat, sodas, french fries, and lard are all foods that you want to avoid. At the very least, consume them sparingly and try to limit their intake.

What should you replace these foods with? Try leafy greens, tomatoes, fatty fish, berries, grapes, and nuts. Also, drink plenty of water to flush the toxins from inflammation out of your system.

There’s also a proven connection between inflammation and blood glucose, so make sure you limit your sugar intake.

Inflammation can result from genetic issues, body strain from exercise, and of course, what we eat. The best way to fight it is to maintain a steady diet of healthy foods, low-to-no sugar, and plenty of water.

Consult with your doctor about the content here and create the right diet plan for your health needs. You can also get more health content from us every week — check out the links below for more.

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