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If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, dieting is hard. So many diets claim to work but they all have strict rules and regulations, “only eat 1/8 of a cup of this fruit with 30 ounces of this protein three times a day.” Frankly, it’s exhausting. Proper nutrition and dieting take some effort, and now we have tools to make it a little easier on ourselves. Healthline provides a breakdown of some of the best nutrition apps out there.

Fitness and nutrition apps can be an excellent asset, not only to help guide you through workouts, but to also inspire healthier choices.

Nutrition Apps

Nutrition apps, through a mobile device or computer, can help seniors achieve their fitness goals in record time. Seniors have proven to be just as tech savvy as younger generations, so why not use it. Nutrition and fitness apps over advice, workouts, and diet plans created by professionals and likeminded communities for anyone, at any fitness level, to use.

The purpose of using a nutrition app is to help take the stress out of dieting. Features like fitness and step tracking help motivate you to stay active, while the community features can help answer any questions from people who are attempting the same thing you are. And of course, the most important feature of all — food tracking.

Food Tracking

There is probably no greater benefit to a nutrition app than the food tracking feature. In addition to many other benefits, food tracking is the easiest way to better understand your eating habits and nutritional needs.

Tracking is the hardest part of dieting, but it’s made easy with the help of these types of apps. You can keep tabs on how much fat, carbs, and protein you get daily, and see if where you can improve your diet. You can be as detailed or as simple as necessary when food tracking, with most apps having a food journal you can use to stay on track. Take the guess work out of eating healthy to see real success.  

Even better, when it comes down to making a sweet choice or a healthy choice, you can use the tracking feature to help you plan your day around a delicious cheat. That way you can use technology to balance fun and play together.

The Council for Retirement Security wants you to have a healthy retirement. The first step is learning proper nutrition and balance, creating a fun and healthy lifestyle you can enjoy while retired.