It’s important to eat right, exercise, and maintain a healthful lifestyle. But what about cheat days?

We’re about a month into the new year. By this time, many New Year’s resolutions have gotten off track. However, even if you planned to eat healthier, a treat meal here or there won’t derail you permanently. It’s all about moderation and balance.

Here’s how you can sneak in your favorite foods, some reward days, and delicious treats, without sabotaging your healthy lifestyle.

How to Work in Cheat Meals and Days

What’s the solution to fit in your favorite treats? Don’t splurge, but don’t starve yourself, either.

Go for the middle ground. For starters, take the right attitude with these types of foods. Don’t make certain foods out to be “bad,” so that you add emotional strain to the craving for them. Instead, fit them in sparingly among a diet that’s otherwise healthy and designed to fill you up.

While you shouldn’t cut meals to compensate, cut down on your other treats to make sure that your cheat meal doesn’t start a chain reaction. Another way to sneak in a treat without feeling like you’re cheating is to adhere to general health habits on a continual basis.

This means avoiding sugar, as well as drinking plenty of water to ensure you stay hydrated and filled up. The point is to remember that you do deserve to eat the foods you want, but you also deserve to be healthy. You can have both — it only requires a proper sense of balance.

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