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We like to romanticize our hearts. A fluttering heartbeat means we’re in love. A rapid beat means excitement. And of course, a healthy heartbeat means a healthy body. As we age, it’s obviously important to look after the whole body, but especially our hearts. The foods we eat and the activity we do can have a direct link on how strong, or weak, our hearts can become. Luckily, Healthline offers a wide variety of tips for seniors to achieve better heart health.

Better Heart Health

The reason the heart is so important is because it’s responsible for delivering blood, and therefore oxygen, to the whole body. Without a healthy heartbeat, the rest of our organs suffocate, and don’t function properly. Foods heavy in sodium, unhealthy fats, and sugar can increase our blood pressure, making it harder for the heart to do its job. Inactivity can also lead to a lethargic heartbeat, which can slow down our circulation. Simple methods to achieve better heart health include:

  • Eating less processed, more natural foods
  • Create a consistent exercise schedule (no matter the type of workout)
  • Managing our stress

Following these guidelines can strengthen our hearts quickly and consistently.

Heart Healthy Foods

Naturally, natural foods are best to strengthen our heart health. Processed foods are high in sugar and salt, which can thicken our blood and quicken our heartbeat, leading to a nasty combination. Enjoy in moderation and consult with a nutritionist about what foods to focus on. Luckily, we don’t have to sacrifice good food for good health.

It is the Council for Retirement Security’s vision to see every senior enjoy a happy, safe, and healthy retirement. Let’s do our own hearts some good by making them a priority. Doing so can make that retirement all more golden.