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Halloween is one of the sweetest holidays. Literally. The preverbal ton of candy we consume can satisfy any sweet tooth. But those bags and bags of candy this year are not coming cheap. As inflation has ramped up prices for consumer goods across the board. NPR’s Becky Sullivan reports on the inflated prices of Halloween candy.

Inflated Halloween Candy

As Sullivan reports, prices on Halloween candy have gone up 13 percent from last year. This is primarily due to difficulties related to the pandemic, hindering the supply chains of key ingredients like flour and sugar. The price of sugar and flour are reported inflated by 17 and 24 percent respectively.

The confectionery industry reportedly makes an estimated $3 billion a year on Halloween candy, and this year a standard bag of candy will see an average price increase of $3 per bag.

Halloween Candy Alternatives

Families can avoid the high prices by sponsoring alternatives to traditionally unhealthy candy this year. While prices are up everywhere, you might find a better deal on naturally sweetened foods like fruits, than face the seasonal cost increases and inflation simultaneously.

Some alternatives include:

  • Caramel Apples
  • Fruit Cups
  • Lightly Salted Chips
  • Sugar-free snacks
  • Homemade candy

It’s hard to be on a diet and a budget at the same time. And no one wants to cut out candy on the literal candy holiday. A compromise can be to cut your Halloween candy budget in half in favor of an alternative. That way, you provide a health option, still have a sweet treat, and save some money.

All that left is to have a Happy Halloween!

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