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The Unsweet Truth

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Celebrate National Cocoa Day with This Delicious Sugar-Free Flavor

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December 13th is National Cocoa Day, and that’s a holiday we’ll definitely drink to. The only problem with drinks like this is they’re (typically) packed with sugar. As we know, sugar is something that’s best to avoid for the most… Continue Reading →

Building Healthy Habits

Building healthy habits is hard, but with the right motivation and proper guidance we can create the healthy lifestyle we’ve always wanted.

The Sense of Taste: How We Taste Sweet and Sour

Our sense of taste is incredibly important, without it we couldn’t enjoy our favorite foods. But how does it work really?

Why it Matters WHEN We Eat

When We Eat is just as important as what we eat, according to research on our circadian rhythm. Here more learn.

How to Defend Ourselves from Blood Clots

Knowing how to defend ourselves from blood clots can help us protect and prolong our lives in retirement, learn more here.

Oral Health: The Battle Between Sugar and Our Smile

Oral Health is incredible important no matter what age you are, and protecting it can be fun if you know how.

Inflation Making the Cost of Halloween Candy Bitter

Halloween candy prices is one the rise as inflation hits the holiday season. Try these alternatives to save some cash.

Cinnamon, a Surprise Sugar Substitute

Cinnamon as a sugar substitute may be obvious to some, but what’s shocking is the lengthy list health benefits cinnamon has to offer.

Achieving Better Health Results Through Group Exercise

Group Exercise can be incredibly beneficial to our physical health, as friends can offer encouragement and improve our consistency in the gym.

The Truth Behind the Nutrition Label

The FDA’s Nutrition Label is always updating with the latest research and basic requirements to help us make a healthy choice.

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